The Suitor by Deb Keogh



DIMENSIONS (Height - 25.50 cm X Width - 20.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Pen & Wash on Paper
GENRE No Genre Entered
REGISTERED NRN # 000-3389-0136-01
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Artist: Deb Keogh



Being an artist is all I have ever wanted to do since a small child. After I finished school I went to Art College for four fabulous years. Following this I taught art at high school for a few years . My life path then took me away from art for many years. During this time I still sketched and did the occasional painting.  Not having the opportunity to practice my art regularly was always like a niggling ache, something that I wanted to do but because I felt it was not practical I tried to ignore it.


In 2004 I was given the wonderful opportunity to have a twelve months artist residency at Redcliffe School of Excellence in Queensland and my art journey resumed. Looking back I am just amazed that someone had enough faith in me to give me that chance. I now live in Sydney Australia. My studio is based in the south near a National Park; a wonderful source of inspiration.

I am so grateful to able to practice my art and its something I never take for granted.

Like most artists I like to experiment with different mediums. My primary practice is painting and drawing. I use oil paints (usual without any medium except for turps), watercolour and inks. The last few years have seen me introduce collage into my work. I like to prepare my own canvases. I also work on paper and really anything else that interests me as a surface.

 I find inspiration from many sources:  people, dreams, overheard conversations, myths and fables. Through my work I explore concepts that intrigue me or events that I have witnessed.  In recent years I have also done many commissions. I exhibit both in group and solo exhibitions.


My studio is not large but it is really important to me. It’s a private area away from others where I can experiment and create with no expectations other than my own.


When I am working I feel a strong connection to my subject matter. It’s as if I can feel what the subjects are thinking and feeling. I become part of their world.


I hope my work speaks to the viewer. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone connects to my work

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