Roo Cut #1 Leg Rump by Adrian Brierley



DIMENSIONS (Height - 10.00 cm X Width - 14.00 cm )
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-3552-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Adrian Brierley
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Artist: Adrian Brierley


symbi·ot'ic 1. Biology A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms 
of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member.


A 'Symbiotic' relationship is found in all that is creation, all experiences physically and mentally are intertwined in the most elegant alchemical dance of creation and destruction. The simplest action can create events that could mean the extinction of an entire species of flora or fauna, or perhaps the flourishing of another. 

Fine Art
My work examines and records the symbiotic relationship between mankind and native Australian mammals. The vast alterations to this continents eco-systems since European settlement has been swift and to the great detriment of many species and unfortunately
it seems, is gaining more momentum. Furthermore taking into account the phenomenon of ‘Shifting Baseline Syndrome’ the importance of species documentation becomes paramount if any understanding and recollection is too be had for future generations of why and how these extinctions came about.

Re-Examination and Installation
Within these boundaries my works are elegantly displayed with a Victorian era scientific ethos of mystery and discovery, referencing past natural history and old world taxonomy aesthetics.

Such installations will often be accompanied by contemporary street art/paste up wallpapers site specifically designed, integrating poetry, prose and statements pertaining to topics relevant to that particular body of work and other oddities collected by the artist. These installations will use many found and reconditioned objects collected over my lifetime.

In summary my work marks an aeon which symbolically defines humanities madness and ignorance as we further drape a veil over nature, obsessed with consumption and greed, all for mere product, profit and status, ("In our essence we hold the ability to create and dismantle entire universes, often doing so unknowingly, some choose to dismantle, I choose to create").

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